Gafia Poetry Leaflet Series

A series of short poetry fanzines published by Redd Boggs through Gafia Press. All but the first issue were devoted to the poetry of one particular poet. At least some of them were run through FAPA.

Number Title Poet(s) Pages Date
1 Women and Roses William Habington, Robert Herrick, Philip Massinger, William Blake, Ben Jonson, Robert Browning 4 Summer 1951
2 Skip-Rope Rimes Redd Boggs 4 Autumn 1951
3 Suburban Harvest Virginia Blish 4 February 1952
4 Many Sunsets Lee Hoffman 4 May 1952
5 Compact of Fire John Peale Cardinal 4 August 1952
6 Functions of X -- Physicist Poems Bill Venable 4 Winter 1952-53
7 Dreams from a Machine Larry Stark 4 November 1953
8 Summer Butterflies Marion Z. Bradley 4 1955