Fringe Fans

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Fringe fans or fringefans refers to:

1. Members of a Subfandom

Most commonly, the term is used for people involved in an interest which intersects the borders of SF fandom, members of a fringe fandom, a spinoff of sf fandom, typically media-oriented. This is a controversial usage, often resented by those to whom it's applied.

2. Fake Fans

An alternative for the original definition of fake fan: People who stay on the fringes of fandom because they are friends or relatives of fans. They may have a minor interest in SF and attend some fan functions with their friends, but do no fanac and don't really involve themselves in fandom.

3. Tangentially Involved Fans

People who have stuck a toe into the fannish waters, and, while keeping that appendage wet, have never become any wetter.

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