Free Radical

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(1) Perzine (1989-2001) by Steve Green

A perzine published by Steve Green in the UK with five issues from 1989 to at least 2001. It was distributed through FAPA.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 May 1989 6
5 May 2001 2

(2) Genzine (early 60s) by Judi Beatty

Genzine and N'APA zine published by Judi Beatty in the US, with two known issues in the early 60s. Apparently by the 2nd issue she had married, and her husband joined her on the zine. One source refers to him as "Steve", but Yandro 122 refers to him as "Dick" in their review of the 2nd issue, and we view that as more likely correct.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Spring 1962 24 Included a 4-page insert for Lunacon 1962. Cover art by Judi.
2 1960s 20 by Judi and Dick Beatty-Sephton

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