Frank R. Paul Award

An award for SF art given by Kubla Khan and Ken Moore from 1976 to 1996. The trophy was a large model of the planet Saturn on a pedestal. Each year's winner also served as that year's Artist GoH at Kubla Khan.

Year Winner
1976 John Schoenherr
1977 Frank Kelly Freas
1978 Vincent Di Fate
1979 Michael Whelan
1980 Boris Vallejo
1981 Jack Gaughan
1982 Paul Lehr
1983 Richard Powers
1984 Alex Schomburg
1985 Ed Emshwiller
1986 Victoria Poyser
1987 Ron Walotsky
1988 Ron Miller
1989 Ron Lindahn and Val Lakey Lindahn
1990 Darrell Sweet
1991 David Cherry
1992 Doug Chaffee
1993 Alan M. Clark and Kevin Ward
1994 Tim Wilson
1995 Larry Elmore
1996 Darryl Elliott (IA) SF Encyclopedia entry