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Eric Frank Russell used Fortean themes in a number of his books and stories, most notably Sinister Barrier.

SF and mystery author Miriam Allen de Ford was also a Fortean, and once did research for Fort.

from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
The beliefs advanced by Charles Fort in his books, of which Lo! was published serially in Astounding. The main idea is that modern science is a tissue of outworn saws, holes continually appearing in it and being patched up or glossed over by new explanations. Fort compiled a great mass of unexplained occurrences, such as the well-known mystery of the Marie Celeste. In arranging and commenting on them, he seemed to be maintaining, among other theories, that the Earth is visited and considered as properly by superior beings (now called vitons); that there is a power of matter-transmission which he calls teleportation being evidenced from time to time, as by showers of objects from within a room near its ceiling; and that the Earth is surrounded by a shell not far away, the planets and stars being eruptions on the shell similar to volcanoes.

See also the Fortean Society.

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