(1) A Rallying Cry

"Fandom is Just a Goddamn Hobby," initialized FIJAGH or FIJAGDH and pronounced "FEE-jag," is a fannish philosophy credited to Charles Burbee during Fifth Fandom in opposition to the then sercon FIAWOL, "Fandom is a Way of Life." Today, the tongue-in-cheek motto serves as a reminder not to get too caught up in fannish doings that you neglect your real life or too agitated by feuds and the foibles of fen.

In today's increasing online fandom, we also begin to see "Fandom is Just a Goddamn Social Network."

(2) A Fanzine by Dick Ellington

FIJAGH was a mimeographed apazine for OMPA, named for the initialese catchphrase (which see published by Dick Ellington in the late 1950s.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1958 36 In OMPA 17
2 1958 36 In OMPA 18
3 1959 48 In OMPA 21; Final issue

(3) A Fanzine by Rune Forsgren

A fanzine published by Rune Forsgren in Umea, Sweden in the 1970s.

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