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FFANZ (the Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand), started in 1983 assists Australian fans to attend New Zealand's National Convention, and on alternate trips New Zealand fans to attend the Australian National Convention.

A notable write-in candidature was that of Murray and Natalie MacLachlan for the 2000 FFANZ Race. They outpolled one of the balloted candidates.

https://ffanznews.wordpress.com (IA) Website

Year & Direction Winner Other contenders Notes Trip report
1983 West Tom Cardy Graham Ferner, Michelle Muijsert, Nigel Rowe 1983 FFANZ results FFANZ for the Memories
1985 West Nigel Rowe Duncan Lucas
1986 East Roger Weddall George Turner
1987 West Lyn McConchie Frank Macskasy Jnr, Alex Heatley & Karen Heatley Frank Macskasy Jnr was joint winner, but declined
1988 East Terry Frost & Karen Vaughn Gordon Lingard
1989 West Brian Howell Dan McCarthy, Briar Parkinson
1991 East Alan Stewart (none) FFANZ across the Water
1992 West Rex Thompson Linnette Horne From the Prying FFANZ Into the Foyer
1993 East Ian Gunn & Karen Pender-Gunn Geoff Tilley, Clive Newall
1994 West Tim Jones Murray MacLachlan Australian Crawl
1995 East Donna Heenan (none)
1996 West Evan McCarthy (none)
1998 East Renaldo the Party Sheep accompanied by Frances Papworth & Phil Wlodarczyk 2 Loonies and a Soft Toy
1999 West Linnette Horne (none)
2000 East Paul Ewins Little Ted, Justin Semmel Little Ted's humans were Julian Warner and Lucy Sussex. Paul Ewins's trip was postponed.
2003 East Rose Mitchell (none)
2004 West Maree Pavletich & Matthew Pavletich Dan McCarthy, Malcolm Fletcher Matthew Pavletich was unable to travel
2006 West Barbara Clendon & Peter Clendon (none)
2007 East David Cake (none)
2010 West Jan Butterworth & Stephen Litten Jenny Hammond
2012 East Edwina Harvey (none)
2014 West Dan Rabarts
2015 East David McDonald
2017 East Lynelle Howell

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org