Fanzine Fanac Awards Society

An organization created by R. Graeme Cameron to give awards for Canadian fanzine fanac. The award's short name is the "Faned". In 2011, Cameron acted as sole judge for the award, then in 2012 he picked winners with the help of “peer consultation and suggestion.” The 2013 winners were selected by a vote of 19 Canadian fans.

Year Fan Artist Fan Writer LoC Hack Fanzine Hall of Fame
2011 Taral Wayne Garth Spencer Lloyd Penney WARP The unknown editor of The Canadian Science Fiction Fan
2012 Scott Patri Taral Wayne Michael John Bertrand Swill by VileFen Press Nils Helmer Frome
2013 Taral Wayne R. Graeme Cameron Lloyd Penney Space Cadet by R. Graeme Cameron Leslie A. Croutch (for 1940s/50s fanac, and fanzine Light)