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Fanwriting — writing by fans, natch — appears in fanzines, apazines, semiprozines and online. The writers receive egoboo and copies of the zines, but not filthy lucre.

Everything from bad fan fiction to book reviews to high-quality essays by accomplished writers, including both pro and fan writers, might be called fanwriting, but the term is most often used for nonfiction, the personal essay being considered the best and highest form of fanwriting by fanzine fans. The author of the best fanwriting of the year may win a Hugo or FAAn Award; in Ireland and the U.K., a Nova Award; in Australia, a Ditmar Award; or a Canadian Fanzine Fanac Award.

Fanwriting is about fandom, SF, and things fans are interested in — namely, everything.

See fan writer for more.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to