Fantasy Times / Science Fiction Times

The fannish newszine from 1941 to 1969. Starting in 1946, Fantasy Times became a straightforward sf and fantasy newzine containing news, notes and reviews.

It was nominated for the 1956 Best Fanzine Hugo.

Issues Dates Title Editor Notes
1 — September 1941 — Fantasy Times James V. Taurasi
Fantasy Times Sam Moskowitz
2.2 — June 1942 — Fantasy Reporter Sam Moskowitz
— 269 November 1946 — April 1957 Fantasy Times James V. Taurasi
270 — 437 May 1957 — 1966 Science-Fiction Times James V. Taurasi (it is possible that #s 436 and 437 never appeared)
438 — 451 January 1967 — February 1968 Science Fiction Times James Ashe Substantially reformatted and now published from Syracuse, NY.
452 — 454 March 1968 — May 1968 Science Fiction Times James Ashe no longer listed as editor; Ann F. Dietz listed as "Managing Editor"
455 — 465 June 1968 — April 1969 Science Fiction Times Ann F. Dietz
March 1980 Science Fiction Times Vincent McCaffrey
V10.1 1981? Science Fiction Times Andrew Adams Whyte Printed in newspaper format

In its early days it was more of a general fanzine which included news, but in its later days was almost exclusively devoted to pro news. The handover from Taurasi to Moskowitz happened when Taurasi went into the military to serve in the War. It claimed to be the first photo-offset fanzine in history.

James Blish was its book reviewer around 1956, and it won the Hugo for Best Fanzine in 1955 and 1957. In the late 40s, it had an "International Edition" with some Spanish-language content. Upon its demise, its news-reporting function was effectively taken over by Locus.

Two issues can be found at

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