Fantasy Review (semiprozine)

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A semiprozine published by Robert Collins, with substantial bookstore sales, which provided wide coverage of SF books. It was created in 1984 by merging Fantasy Newsletter with Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review. Frequent contributors included Fritz Leiber and Gene Wolfe. It won the (coveted) Balrog Award and the World Fantasy Award. Neil Barron, Carol McGuirk, and Rob Latham all served as review editors.

In 1985 it suffered trauma when an article by Charles Platt about a supposed porn novel by Stephen King raised King's (and perhaps more to the point, King's lawyer's) ire. It turned out that the fake was concocted by Platt and Neil Barron to see how many people would respond and that Collins was unaware that it was untrue.

The magazine folded with issue #103, July/August 1987, but the review section continued as Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Annual well into the 1990s.

Issue Date Pages Notes
V8.1 January 1984
V9.3 March 1986
{$website} {$files} ${year} 1984 1987

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