Fantasy Artisans
from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
A sort of correspondence club for fans interested in fantasy and SF artwork, existing for the exchange of information about technique of drawing, stencilling, etc, as well as exchange of criticism, and for fulfilling requests of fan editors for fantasy artwork. (The word "Artisans" was obviously a misnomer.) Organized in early 1948, they held a meeting at the CinVention and collaborated there with Art Rapp on production of a CinVention Daily which folded (after one day) from lack of support by the other fans. Published an issue or two of the OO, Fantasy Artisan, before folding in 1951. One Ken Brown was "pic" (: President); the leading lights of the group were John Grossman, Russ Manning, Bill Kroll, Jerri Bullock, and, later, Frank Dietz.

The was a Eugene Science Fantasy Artisans Society which was probably related.