Fantastic Adventures

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(1) A Prozine

Published by Ziff-Davis as a companion magazine to their Amazing Stories, Fantastic Adventures had a run of 128 issues, from May, 1939, to March, 1953.

Although it began as a bi-monthly, it was monthly for most of its existence. Size also varied, from bed-sheet size to regular pulp size.

Editors included Ray Palmer, Howard Browne, William Hamling, and Lila Shaffer.

Prominent authors who had work published in Fantastic Adventures included Edgar Rice Burroughs, Nelson S. Bond, Edmond Hamilton, Robert Bloch, Don Wilcox, August Derleth, Rog Phillips, Theodore Sturgeon, Walter M. Miller, Jr., Fritz Leiber, L. Sprague de Camp, and Ray Bradbury. Frequent illustrators were Virgil Finlay, J. Allen St. John, Frank R. Paul, Harold McCauley, and Malcolm Smith.

The magazine merged with the digest-sized Fantastic with its May-June, 1953, issue, but then the name was dropped. Although also edited by Howard Browne, Fantastic (1952-1980) cannot be considered an extension of Fantastic Adventures.

On two different occasions, unsold issues of Fantastic Adventures (1941-1943, 1948-1951) were rebound and sold as Fantastic Adventures Quarterly (three issues per volume, and with new covers).

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(2) A Nickname

FA was a nickname of The Fantasy Amateur.

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