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The highly evolved fannish version of Stephen Potter’s “Gamesmanship“ and “Oneupsmanship.” Fansmanship’s primary proponent, Bob Shaw, then of Belfast, N. Ireland, explained that it was specifically designed to help “rid fandom of all this dreadful good fellowship, with which at present it abounds by far too much.” In a series of lectures, BoSh outlined numerous time-tested ploys and counter-ploys via which one fan can instill in others the feeling that they are unworthy lowlife scum, while making themselves the most awesome, feared, disliked and, yes, even avoided fan present at any gathering, be it club or convention. Learning the intricacies of the ploys can take a lifetime of study and utilizing them properly remains an art form but, as Shaw explained, even the newest fansmen can seldom go wrong if they stick to basic principles by always keep their groundwork in mind, even quoting Dimsworthy, one of the greatest fansmen of all time, to that effect on the subject. As the immortal Dimsworthy so eloquently put it, “I never forget my groundwork!”

The term is obsolete, but the practice thrives.

Contributors: Dr. Gafia

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
(Bob Shaw) "Fansmanship is the art of convincing other fans that you are a much bigger fan than they are; it will help to relieve fandom of some of that disgustingly genuine good fellowship of which there is at present far too much." (Slant 5) The idea derives from Gamesmanship.

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