from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
Prime mover of this all-girl fan club was Marion Cox. Her club included 50 or more femmefans, such as Carol McKinney, Maril Shrewsbury, Vee Hampton, DEA, and others, but not Marion Z Bradley, who wrote in the club OO, The Femizine, for Jan '53: "Frankly, I think it's impossible for women, with no help from the 'sterner sex', to do anything in the literary fanzine field. Man alone can manage something of strength and talent without feminine influence. It may be graceless, even ugly, but it will be strong. Women alone, sans masculine influence, impetus, or admiration, produce nothing of any worth." [Aw, shucks, Marion…] To justify this vigorous opinion the club, formed in [[1952]]], ran down in 1953 was revived in mid-1954 by Honey Wood and Noreen Falasca, and collapsed once more.

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