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The clubzine of The Stranger Club of Boston in the early 40s. Ten issues were published by the club.

To commemorate The Stranger Club's being the Fan Guest of Honor of Noreascon Three in 1989, the convention arranged for Fanfare 11 to be published (after a hiatus of only 46 years.)

At the convention, Sam Moskowitz came up to the table where copies were being sold and showed his file card showing that his subscription still had issues to run and asked if he could pick it up or if the convention planed to mail it.

Issue Date Pages Notes
3 August 1940 20
4 October 1940 28
5 December 1940 30
6 April 1941 38
7 August 1941 32
8 February 1942 36
9 1942 36
10 December 1943 56
11 September 1989 36 Edited by Tony Lewis and published by Noreascon 3

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