Fandom Harvest II

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Fandom Harvest II is an ebook collection of fan writing by Terry Carr, complementing the earlier collection Fandom Harvest (there is no overlap of contents). It was edited and published by Dave Langford in 2019 under the Ansible Editions imprint. The cover artwork is by Steve Stiles, taken from the 1988 reissue of The Incompleat Terry Carr.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Dave Langford
  • Why Johnny Can’t Read Fanzines
  • How to Become a Fan in Eight Easy Lessons
  • The Fan Who Never Grew Young
  • Fables for Fandom
  • My Fair Femmefan
  • Charles Burbee: The Compleat Machiavelli
  • The BNF of Iz
  • The BNF of Iz – An Exegesis
  • The Detention Tales
  • The Chaser
  • Fandom Harvest Revisited
  • Facts in the Case of Nathaniel Whately
  • I Heard the Beat of Fannish Drums
  • The Grunch and the Eggplant
  • Egoboo for Algernon
  • Boycon or Bust!
  • Tailgate Ramble (Lighthouse editorials)
  • Fanzine Fanfaronade
  • The Demolished Fan
  • The Gafiated World
  • Tricon and Bust
  • The Convention That Couldn’t Be Killed
  • Seacon ’79
  • Greater Realities
  • The Sharks of Elron
  • Corflu II
  • Clarion Fannish
  • Night of the Living Oldpharts
  • Original Appearances

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