Fan Tarot Deck

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The Fan Tarot Deck (also called the Fantasy Showcase Tarot Deck) was a long-time project of Bruce Pelz's which he brought to completion with the help of Noreascon Two as part of his Fan GoHship at it. The complete set of original art (as well as printed decks for sale) were displayed there.

It started in the 1960s when Don Simpson persuaded Pelz to buy a Steuben Glass goblet with the promise to engrave something of Pelz's choice on it. He eventually decided he wanted an engraving of the tower tarot card, which Simpson did. Pelz then developed the ambition of acquiring an entire tarot deck engraved on fine glass goblets, but Steuben forestalled him by taking that design out of production. So he decided on a more conventional card deck, but with each card done by a different fan artist. He started soliciting art before St. Louiscon in 1969.

Card Cups Pentacles Swords Wands
A C. Lee Healy Steve Leialoha Blair Wilkins Ray Capella
2 Josh Kirby Harry Bell Bea Barrio Gary Benson
3 Ellen Greene Chris Holmes Jim Odbert Evelyn Turner
4 Ross Chamberlain Ken Fletcher Lee Nordling David Higgins
5 Debra Bean Reed Waller Alicia Austin Marc Shirmeister
6 Kara Dalkey Lee Hoffman George Matzger Pat Ortega
7 Judy Blish Jim Schumacher George Jones Steve Stiles
8 Bill Rotsler Kurt Erichsen Alexis Gilliland Rich Sternbach
9 Gary Anderson Cathyhill Maureen Garrett
10 Randy Bathurst Paula Marmor Arthur Thompson Jim Barker
P Freff Marti Lands Mike Symes Liz Danforth
Kt Jackie Causgrove Eddie Jones Doug Lovenstein Wendy Pini
L Ann Chancellor Stu Shiffman Bjo Trimble Terry Austin
Q Kathy Sanders Kathi Macmillan Juanita Coulson Bonnie Goodknight
K Andrew Stephenson John Pound Mike Gilbert Dan Steffan
Number Card Artist
0 The Fool Bruce Duncan
I The Magician Taral
II The High Priestess George Barr
III The Empress Maxine Miller
IV The Emperor Helmot Pesch
V The Hierophant Karen Kuykendall
VI The Lovers Connie Faddis
VII The Chariot Joe Wehrle
VIII Strength Suford Lewis
IX The Hermit James Patrick
X The Wheel of Fortune Linda Miller
XI Justice Joan Hanke-Woods
XII The Hanged Man Greg Bear
XIII Death Tim Kirk
XIV Temperance Kate Wadey
XV The Devil Chris Baker
XVI The Tower Don Simpson
XVII The Star Kelly Freas
XVIII The Moon Mary Jane Hertz
XIX The Sun Inger Edelfeldt
XX Judgement Tina Bear
XXI The World Victoria Poyser
XXII Separation Gordon Monson
XXIII The Farrier Dian Crayne
Verso Walt Leibscher ${year} {$start} {$end}

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