An anonymous satirical version of The Fanscient. According to the second issue, dated 1950, the first issue was distributed at the Cinvention and there were hopes of distributing a third issue at the Norwescon (worldcon). The second issue gives the editor and publisher as Donald B. Day, who also published The Fanscient — the editorial even makes this believable. It appears to have been distributed through FAPA, according to the contents page.

Issue 2 is mimeographed, quarter-folded and saddle-stapled (24 pages); on at least some copies, the top edge is uncut, so it's very difficult to read unless one commits the sacrilege of actually cutting the pages. Cover by Miles Rayburn Day; contents are Thots on Korzybski (uncredited — Day?); Excerpts from Zero (poem, uncredited — Day?); Out of Legend — Old Mother Hubbard (parody of the Spotlight feature in The Fanscient — written by Miles Eaton, illustrated by Donald B. Day); Ether, Ether (autobiography — Simon Rosebud, pseudonym); and Strategy on Venus (Inch Dining, pseudonym).

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