Fan Directory

Believe it or not, there was a time when a directory of all fandom could be contemplated by a sane mind. Here is a list of them. (It does not include lists which are basically club listings, convention membership listings, or subscription lists.)

Directory Editor Dates Coverage and Notes
Walt Daugherty's Directory of Fandom Walt Daugherty 1942
Directory of Anglo-Fandom J. Michael Rosenblum 1945
1950 Fan Directory Leonard J. Moffatt 1950 Sponsored by the N3F; 404 fans listed
Anglo Science Fiction Fandom Vince Clarke 1953
Directory of Science Fiction Fandom Ron Bennett 1955-1966 A long annual series.
Who's Who in Fandom Lloyd D. Broyles 1961 300+ entries
San Francisco Bay Area Fan Directory Dave Clark 1990s? 2000s?
Fannish E-Mail Directory John Lorentz 1980s? 1990s?