Famous Science Fiction

Famous Science Fiction was a digest-sized SF magazine, one of the Health Knowledge chain, published as a companion to Startling Mystery Stories and Magazine of Horror.

Robert W. Lowndes was the editor.

It began publication with an issue dated Winter, 1966/1967, and ceased publication with a Spring, 1969, issue, for a total run of nine issues.

Mostly reprints of earlier SF stories from Astounding and Wonder Stories were published, although at least 15 new stories also saw publication.

Authors whose work was reprinted included Edmond Hamilton, Clark Ashton Smith, Wallace West, Laurence Manning, and Festus Pragnell. Authors who provided original stories included Philip K. Dick, Greg Bear, A. Bertram Chandler, and William F. Temple.

Non-fiction articles included several by Lowndes that resulted in his book, Three Faces of Science Fiction, published in 1973 by The New England Science Fiction Association.

Distribution problems, coupled with its small budget, led to the demise of the magazine.