A rotating European convention which run by the European Science Fiction Society and is selected by national delegations in a sort-of Cold War hangover. It is normally merged with a national convention. Eurocons have been merged with Eastercons (Seacon '84 and Helicon) and Worldcons (Intersection).

ESFS Eurocon page

Year Location Convention(s)
1972 Italy
1974 France
1976 Voivody Pozman, Poland
1978 Belgium
1980 Italy
1982 West Germany
1983 Yugoslavia
1984 UK Seacon '84
1986 Yugoslavia Ballcon
1987 France
1988 Hungary
1989 San Marino
1990 France
1991 Poland Cracon/Polcon
1992 Germany FreuCon XII
1993 UK Helicon
1994 Romania
1995 UK Intersection
1996 Lituania Lithuanicon
1997 Ireland Octocon
1999 Germany Trinity
2000 Poland Tricity 2000
2001 Romania Atlantykron
2002 Czech Republic Parcon
2003 Finland Finncon
2004 Bulgaria Bulgacon
2005 UK Interaction
2006 Ukraine Portal
2007 Denmark
2008 Moscow, Russia Rosscon/Interpresscon
2009 Italy Deepcon 10
2010 Poland and Czech Republic Polcon and Parcon
2011 Sweden
2012 Croatia SFeraKon
2013 Ukraine
2014 Dublin, Ireland Shamrokon
2015 St. Petersburg, Russia Eurocon 2015
2016 Barcelona, Spain Bcon
2017 Dortmund, Germany U.con

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