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Fanzine mostly arranged and edited by Ian J. Crozier, and produced by Mervyn Binns. (At least one issue was edited by Lee Harding, as Leo J. Harding.)

The name "Ether-line", inspired by a column in Startling Stories, had been used by Lee Harding as the name of a news column in the first issue of Perhaps.

Etherline began as a newszine of Amateur Fantasy Publications of Australia, incorporating news from the Melbourne Science Fiction Group, which was to become the Melbourne Science Fiction Club (MSFC).

Etherline later became a clubzine of the MSFC.

Issue 1 is dated March 1st 1953.
Issue 21 is dated 7/1/54.
Issue 42 is dated 24/12/54.
Issue 48 is dated 21/4/55.
Issue 56 reports on a party in Brisbane held Monday August 22 (1955).
Issue 68 reports on the Canberra Science Fiction Conference (held at Easter).
Issue 79 is the Convention Issue for Olympicon (held early in December 1956).
Issue 93 reports that the Melbourne Science Fiction Club was to close after its Thursday December 19th (1957) meeting, and re-open Tuesday January 7th (1958), and that the next issue of Etherline was to be the January 23rd (1958) issue.
The last issue "for a while" was issue 100.

Issue 33 of Mumblings from Munchkinland reports that there was an issue 101, edited by Crozier, in late 1959.

Issue 6 of iOTA reproduces the covers of several issues of Etherline.

See also Etherline II.

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