Elsie Wollheim

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(1910 — 1996)

Elsie Balter Wollheim, the wife of Donald A. Wollheim since 1943, was one of the original Futurians of New York, assisted them in their publishing efforts, and even published her own one-shot fanzine, Highpoints, dated March, 1945. Daughter of a jeweler, in the 1920s she attended Hunter College. She studied bookkeeping, and took over the bookkeeping for her father during the Depression. She then learned stenography and typing and ended up working in a law office. She briefly dated a couple of other Futurians, but married Donald in 1943.

She was a member of Vanguard

Friends referred to the Wollheims as “the Wollies.” When Wollheim started DAW Books in 1972, Elsie was the co-founder, and inherited the company when he died. Their daughter Elizabeth (Betsy) now runs the company.

Donald Wollheim dedicated his non-fiction book on SF, The Universe Makers (1971): “For Elsie “who shares my personal universe.”

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org