Eastercon (Australia)

(Did you mean the British Eastercon?)

In Australia, the term "Eastercon" could be applied to any convention held at Easter, although, in reference to an Australian convention, it would tend to be applied to an Australian Natcon or one of the Melbourne Eastercons held at Easter in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, including some named "Eastercon", which included:

  • Eastercon '72, held March 31-April 2, 1972 at the Savoy Plaza Hotel.
  • Eastercon '73, held 20-23 April, 1973 at the Victoria Hotel.
  • Eastercon 7, held April 13-16, 1979 at the Melbourne Sheraton Hotel.
  • Eastercon '87, held Easter 1987 at the Diplomat Motor Inn.
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