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Eastercon is the annual British National Science Fiction Convention. It has been held over the Easter weekend every year since 1955, but the sequence is considered to start from 1948 with conventions held over the Whitsun weekend except for Loncon in 1949. (The 1944 Eastercon which was held on Easter was not an Eastercon and doesn't count!). Do not ask Pat McMurray about this subject!

Eastercon attracts 800-1,200 fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and similar genres.

There are no official rules and regulations for the Eastercon. To call your convention an "Eastercon" there has to be a general consensus that a bid has been put forward and approved by the membership at a previous Eastercon.

https://eastercon.wordpress.com/ (IA) Friends of Eastercon

# Convention Location Year GoHs
1 Whitcon London 1948* A. Bertram Chandler
2 Loncon London 1949 Bill Temple
* Festivention London 1951* Forrest J Ackerman, Wendayne Ackerman, Lyell Crane
3 London SF Con London 1952* none
4 Coroncon London 1953* none
5 Supermancon Manchester 1954* John Russell Fearn
6 Cytricon Kettering 1955 none
7 Cytricon II Kettering 1956 none
8 Cytricon III Kettering 1957 none
9 Cytricon IV Kettering 1958 none
10 Brumcon Birmingham 1959 Kenneth F Slater
11 London London 1960 Ted Carnell, Don Ford
12 LXICON Gloucester 1961 Kingsley Amis
13 Ronvention Harrogate 1962 Tom Boardman
14 Bullcon Peterborough 1963 Edmund Crispin
15 Repetercon Peterborough 1964 Ted Tubb
16 Brumcon II Birmingham 1965 Harry Harrison
17 Yarcon Great Yarmouth 1966 Ron Whiting
18 Briscon Bristol 1967 John Brunner
19 Thirdmancon Buxton 1968 Ken Bulmer
20 Galactic Fair 1969 Oxford 1969 Judith Merril
21 SCI-CON 70 London 1970 James Blish
22 Eastercon 22 Worcester 1971 Ethel Lindsay, Anne McCaffrey
23 Chessmancon Chester 1972 Larry Niven
24 OMPAcon '73 Bristol 1973 Samuel R. Delany
25 Tynecon Newcastle 1974 Bob Shaw, Peter Weston
26 SEACON 75 Coventry 1975 Harry Harrison
27 Mancon 5 Manchester 1976 Peter Roberts, Robert Silverberg
28 Eastercon '77 Coventry 1977 John Bush
29 Skycon Heathrow 1978 Roy Kettle, Robert Sheckley
30 Yorcon Leeds 1979 Graham Charnock, Pat Charnock, Richard Cowper
31 Albacon 80 Glasgow 1980 Jim Barker, Colin Kapp
32 Yorcon 2 Leeds 1981 Thomas M. Disch, Dave Langford, Ian Watson
33 Channelcon Brighton 1982 Angela Carter, John Sladek
34 Albacon II Glasgow 1983 Marion Zimmer Bradley, Avedon Carol, James White
35 Seacon '84 Brighton 1984 Pierre Barbet, Waldemar Kumming, Josef Nesvadba, Christopher Priest, Roger Zelazny
36 Yorcon III Leeds 1985 Greg Benford, Linda Pickersgill
37 Albacon III Glasgow 1986 Joe Haldeman, John Jarrold, Clive Barker, Pete Lyon
38 BECCON '87 Birmingham 1987 Chris Atkinson, Keith Roberts, Jane Gaskell
39 Follycon (1988) Liverpool 1988 Gordon Dickson, Gwyneth Jones, Greg Pickersgill, Len Wein
40 Contrivance Jersey 1989 Avedon Carol, Rob Hansen, M. John Harrison, Don Lawrence, Anne McCaffrey
41 Eastcon Liverpool 1990 Iain Banks, Anne Page, SMS
42 Speculation Glasgow 1991 Rob Holdstock
43 Illumination Blackpool 1992 Geoff Ryman, Paul McAuley, Pam Wells
44 Helicon Jersey 1993 John Brunner, George R. R. Martin, Karel Thole, Larry van der Putte
45 Sou'Wester Liverpool 1994 Diane Duane, Neil Gaiman, Barbara Hambly, Peter Morwood, Thog the Mighty
46 Confabulation London 1995 Lois McMaster Bujold, Roger Robinson, Bob Shaw
47 Evolution Heathrow 1996 Jack Cohen, Colin Greenland, Paul Kincaid, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Bryan Talbot, Vernor Vinge
48 Intervention Liverpool 1997 Brian Aldiss, Jon Bing, Octavia Butler, Dave Langford
49 Intuition Manchester 1998 Ian McDonald, Martin Tudor, Connie Willis
50 ReConvene Liverpool 1999 Peter S. Beagle, John Clute, Jeff Noon, Tom Holt, Ron Tiner, Thog the Mighty
51 2Kon Glasgow 2000 Guy Gavriel Kay, Katherine Kurtz, Deborah Turner Harris, John Salthouse, Bob Harris
52 Paragon Hinckley 2001 Claire Brialey, Mark Plummer, Michael Scott Rohan, Stephen Baxter, Lisanne Norman
53 Helicon 2 Jersey 2002 Brian Stableford, Harry Turtledove, Peter Weston
54 Seacon03 Hinckley 2003 Chris Baker, Christopher Evans, Mary Gentle
55 Concourse Blackpool 2004 Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Danny Flynn, Sue Mason, Christopher Priest, Philip Pullman
56 Paragon 2 Hinckley 2005 John Harvey, Eve Harvey, Ken MacLeod, Robert Rankin, Ben Jeapes, Richard Morgan
57 Concussion Glasgow 2006 M. John Harrison, Brian Froud, Elizabeth Hand, Justina Robson, Ian Sorensen
58 Convoy (cancelled) Liverpool 2007
58 Contemplation Chester 2007 none
59 Orbital 2008 Heathrow 2008 Neil Gaiman, Tanith Lee, China Miéville, Charles Stross, Rog Peyton
60 LX Bradford 2009 Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Dirk Maggs, Tim Powers, David Lloyd, Mary Burns, Bill Burns
61 Odyssey 2010 Heathrow 2010 Alastair Reynolds, Iain M. Banks, Liz Williams, Mike Carey
62 Illustrious Birmingham 2011 David Weber, Peter F. Hamilton, David A. Hardy, Roz Kaveney,Vince Docherty
63 Olympus Heathrow 2012 George R. R. Martin, Cory Doctorow, Tricia Sullivan, Margaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook
64 EightSquaredCon Bradford 2013 Walter Jon Williams, Freda Warrington, Anne Sudworth, Edward James
65 Satellite 4 Glasgow 2014 John Meaney, Juliet E. McKenna, Jim Burns, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Terry Pratchett
66 Dysprosium Heathrow 2015 Jim Butcher, Seanan McGuire, Herr Döktor, Caroline Mullan
67 Mancunicon Manchester 2016 Sarah Pinborough, Ian McDonald, Dave Clements, and Aliette de Bodard
68 Pasgon (cancelled) Cardiff 2017
68 Innominate Birmingham 2017 Pat Cadigan, Judith Clute, Colin Harris
69 Follycon (2018) Harrogate 2018 Kieron Gillen, Christina Lake, Nnedi Okorafor, Kim Stanley Robinson
70 Ytterbium Heathrow 2019 Frances Hardinge, John Scalzi, DC (David Carlile), Sydney Padua
71 Concentric Birmingham 2020

A * after a year indicates the convention was held Whitsun rather than Easter.

There were also some British national conventions before the first recognized Eastercon:

Name Location Year Date
"Other First Convention" Leeds 1937
"Second British Convention" London 1938
"Third British Convention" London 1939
Midvention 1943 Easter
Eastercon London 1944 Easter

See also early conventions and long-running conventions.

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