Earle K. Bergey
from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
Distinguished drawer (not "artist") of BBBs for the covers of the Standard Twins in the 40s. With the new decade he ventured into art and produced some admirable covers, but the strain of doing without his Infernal Triangle apparently did the poor man in. Parenthetically, Bergey was somewhat unfairly identified with the guy-gal-goon (aka fem-bem-bum or bem-bum- beauty) trinity, for actually he only continued the tradition founded by his predecessor at Standard, H. W. Brown. The Bergey Beauty (noted for not needing a spacesuit tho out in the void with her well-clad boyfriend) was conspicuous by reason of her skin-tight clothing and gravity-defying, er, charms, a tribute no less to the imagination than the idealism of their creator. Actual purpose of this costume was to boost sales of the Standard Twins, tho some ribald fans claimed that the BEM-hero combat ever imminent in the Infernal Triangle cover provided the reason; the battlers were being shown more of what they were fighting for.

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