DucKon 13

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DucKon 13 was a convention held from June 4-6, 2004 at the Radisson Hotel Lincolnwood in Lincolnwood, IL. Guests of Honor: Eric Flint, Butch Honeck, Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Roxanne Meida King, Steve MacDonald, Admiral Be'jan zantai-minn'hor. Chair: Angela Karash. The con had the theme "Triskaiduckaphobia."

Golden Duck Awards
Picture Book: Hazel Nutt Mad Scientist, by David Elliot, illustrated by True Kelley
Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades: Escape From Memory, by Margaret Peterson
Hal Clement Award for Young Adult: Gunpowder Empire, by Harry Turtledove

By a bit of poor planning, the Science Fiction Research Association Convention was taking place the same weekend about six miles away. To add to the literary festivities, the BookExpo America was being held the same weekend at McCormick Place in Chicago and the Printer's Row Literary Fair was being held on Dearborn Avenue in Chicago.

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