DucKon 12

DucKon 12 was held from June 6-8, 2003 at the Radisson Hotel Lincolnwood in Lincolnwood, IL. Guests of Honor: Tanya Huff, P.D. Breeding-Black, Trace Beaulieu, Jim Rittenhouse, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton. Chair: Joseph Stockman.

Golden Duck Awards
Picture Book: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones — Incredible Cross-Sections, by Curtis J Saxton and Richard Chasemore
Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades: Andrew Lost Series - #1 On the Dog, #2 In the Bathroom, #3 In the Kitchen, by J.C. Greenburg
Hal Clement Award for Young Adult: Feed, by M.T. Anderson
Special Award for Best Science and Technology Education: Tales of the Wonderzone, edited by Julie E. Czerneda

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