Doc Barrett

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(April 14, 1907 — February 6, 1987)

Charles Lee Barrett, M.D., known as Doc, graduated from Western Reserve University School of Medicine in 1933.

He was a fan and collector, and at one time he owned the world's largest collection of pulp magazines. He was on the Cinvention Committee, a director of the Mid-West Fantasy Fan Federation, a member of the CFG and First Fandom, and a member of the N3F. He was a member of VAPA

Barrett was one of the founders of the Midwestcon in Ohio — Inlacon, Midwestcon 0, was held in his living room and was on many later Midwestcon committees. He was GoH at SECon II in 1956 and won the Big Heart Award in 1971.

There is an obituary in File 770 #64 p4.

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