(1) Dick Jenssen

Given name of Dick Jenssen (Martin James Ditmar Jenssen), which see.

(2) Short for Ditmar Award

In 2002, and again in 2010, Ditmar received a Ditmar. Another instance of a fan receiving an award named after themselves may have been when Forrest J Ackerman received a Big Heart Award. (That award, previously known as the E. Everett Evans Big Heart Award, was renamed the Forrest J Ackerman Big Heart Award.)

As for the Ditmar Award being named after Ditmar, the story goes that it arose via a joke. At a committee meeting to decide the name of the proposed award, Dick Jensssen frivolously offered the name. What, he was asked, is a Ditmar? "Digital Integrating and Tabulating Mechanism for the Advancement of Research", he told them.