Discon II

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The 1974 Worldcon and second in the Baltimore/Washington area, Discon 2 was held August 29 to September 2 at the Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, DC. GoH: Roger Zelazny, FGoh: Jay Kay Klein. Andrew J. Offutt was Toastmaster. Chaired by Jay Haldeman and Ron Bounds.

Jay and Alice Haldeman were co-chairmen until the spring of 1974 when circumstances forced them to move out of Washington. Ron took over as de facto Chairman until Jay returned for the convention. At the convention, Jay and Ron functioned as co-chairmen. The Discon II program book continued to list Jay and Alice as co-chairmen, and included a welcome from Jay (listed as co-chairman) and Ron (listed as vice-chairman).

There were two competing bidders: DC in '74 and New York in '74. See 1974 Site Selection results.

The Eastern Bridge Regionals were held at the hotel during the convention and used one of the large exhibition halls.

One of the more interesting sidelights was a protest after the convention by Jon Stopa, Joni Stopa, Mike Resnick, Carol Resnick, Bob Passovoy, Anne Passovoy, Ann Cass, Marth Beck, Hank Beck, and Jackie Franke that one or more of the judges at the masquerade discriminated against nudity in costumes.

1974 Hugo results, 1976 Site Selection results.

Read Dave Kyle's Discon II reminiscence.

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