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Dilemma was Jackie Franke's personalzine, published in the 1970s. A regular con goer, Jackie often wrote about conventions she had been to.

In E-Ditto #1, published in January 2011, Eric Mayer recalled: "DILEMMA was the simplest of zines. Editor and sole contributor Jackie Causgrove chatted about her life and tossed in a few of her own nice hand stenciled illos. There were letters from readers And that was it.

"I was enthralled I loved personal essays by writers like James Thurber, Robert Benchley and Russell Baker. DILEMMA struck me as a collection of such essays, albeit written informally."

Other fans were less enchanted. Some fanzine fans complained that Jackie's emphasis on conreps was hard to loc and not fannish enough, compared to other fanwriting of the time; Jackie wrote about the con fans she encountered, and these were unfamiliar names. Sercon fans complained that she didn't write about science fiction.

Issue Date Pages Notes
5 April 1974 20
6 August 1974 16
7 March 1975 20
8 June 1975 24
9 September 1975 24
10 December 1975 36
11 April 1976 42
12 June 1976 34
13 September 1976
14 1977

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org