Detroit in '82

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An unsuccessful bid for the 1982 Worldcon using the Detroit Plaza Hotel in the Detroit Renaissance Center. The bid was chaired by Rusty Hevelin. Other bidcom members included Sid Altus, Howard De Vore, Bill Bowers, Leah Zeldes, Roger Sims, and Lou Tabakow.

The highlight of the campaign was the legendary "balloon hit", in which Chicagoans sneaked into Rusty Hevelin's hotel room before the vote and filled it wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with inflated balloons.

The vote was won by Chicago in 1982, which outspent Detroit by four or five times and published advertisements comparing the city of Detroit to the Nazi concentration camp in Dachau. (A St Ghu in '82 hoax bid also ran.)

See 1982 Site Selection results for vote details.

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