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This page covers Greater Detroit including the city itself, but also the surrounding suburbs. It additionally includes Ann Arbor (which see for its own article) and Detroit-associated events as far as Lansing.

During the 1950s through the 70s, at least, Detroit was a fannish powerhouse. In more recent years, the center of fannish activity has moved outwards to the nearby college town of Ann Arbor.

The list below includes conventions held in Greater Detroit, clubs, and notable life events for prominent Detroit-related fans.

A Detroit Timeline
Year Events
1943 Detroit Science Fictioneers formed
1944 SI/ASFA founded in Detroit
Detroit Hyperborean Society club formed
1946 Ray Nelson invents the Propeller Beanie
Andy Porter born
1948 Michigan Science-Fiction Society formed
Detroit Hyperborean Society club ends
1947 Carl Lundgren born
1948 Larry Tucker born
1949 The Blowup
Roger Sims Discovers fandom
1950 Martin Alger coins Real Soon Now
Randy Bathurst born
1952 Detroit in '53 Worldcon bid fizzles
1954 Detroit in 1955 Worldcon bid fails
mid-50s Beerfandom founded by Art Rapp
1958 Detroit in '59 Worldcon bid wins at Solacon beating Big 'D' in '59 and Chicago-- 1959
1959 Detention (Worldcon) held
TAFF winner John Berry visits
late 50s Misfits has become a blowing league
1960-65 The Fanzine Foundation operated by Alan J. Lewis
mid-60s Wayne Third Foundation founded
1964 Cleveland in '66 bid begins as an inchoate thing including Detroit
1965 1965 Detroit Triple Fan Fair held
1966 Tricon (Worldcon) held in Cleveland with Detroit as co-host
1968 1968 Detroit Triple Fan Fair held
fl Neo-Numenor
1969 1969 Detroit Triple Fan Fair held
1970 Dum-Dum Banquet held in Detroit
1970s Oak Park High School Science Fiction Club active
1973 Stilyagi Air Corps founded in Ann Arbor
Leah Zeldes Smith finds fandom
1974 A^2 Relax Icon held
mid-70s Sid Altus becomes active
1975 ConFusion 13 held
mid-late 70s MISHAP exists
1976 Detroit in '79 hoax Westercon bid
EMUSFS formed
ConFusion 12 held
Martin Alger dies
AutoClave 1 held
ConClave I held
1977 Conclave II held
ConFusion 14 held
AutoClave 2 held
Contagion II held
Great Combined Milford and Clarion Decennial Jubilee, Colloquim and Beer Bash held in East Lansing
1978 Phantasia Press founded
Conclave 3 held
ConFusion Pi held
AutoClave 3 held
late 70s Wayne Third Foundation ends
Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association created by the Stilyagi Air Corps
1979 Mass ConFusion held
ConClave IV held
1980 Detroit in '82 Worldcon bid loses to Chicago in 1982
ConFusion 6 and/or 7 held
FilkCon II (in Toledo) organized by Ann Arbor fans
ConClave V held
1981 Nine Billion Names of ConFusion held
ConClave VI held
1982 Confusion 11 held
ConClave VII held
1983 Detroit in '85 Nasfic bid loses to Austin in '85 at Constellation
ConFusion 101 held
ConClave VIII held
1984 Conclave IX held
Genuine Confusion held
1985 Leah Zeldes Smith moves to Chicago
Conclave X held
Decadent ConFusion held
1986 Perpetual ConFusion held
ConClave XI held
1987 Stark Raving ConFusion held
ConClave XII held
1988 Ambulatory ConFusion held
ConClave XIII held
1989 Phantasia Press shuts down
Conclave XIV held
ConFusion 102 held
1990 Conclave 15 held
State of ConFusion held
1991 Conclave 16 held
Immaculate ConFusion held
1992 Conclave 17 held
Hardwired ConFusion held
1993 Conclave 18 held
Transcendental ConFusion held
1994 ConFusion XX held
ConClave XIX held
Ditto 7 held in Ann Arbor
1995 Conclave XX held
ConFusion 10101 held
1996 Conclave XXI held
Deviant ConFusion held
1997 Conclave XXII held
ConFusion-17 held
1998 Conclave XXIII held
ConFusion of the Winnebagos held
1999 Conclave XXIX held
Vintage ConFusion held
2000 Nancy Tucker Shaw dies
Conclave XXX held
ConFusion 19100 held
2001 Conclave XXVI held
Mystery God ConFusion held
2002 Conclave XXVII held
Astronomical ConFusion held
2003 Conclave XXVIII held
ConFusion and Her Friends held
Midwest Construction held in Ann Arbor
2004 Conclave XXIX held
ConFusion XXX held
Mythcon XXXV held in Ann Arbor
2005 Howard DeVore dies
31 Flavors of ConFusion held
2006 Synthetic ConFusion held
2007 Moonbase ConFusion held
ConClave 32 held
2008 High Voltage ConFusion held
2009 Cryptic ConFusion held
Randy Bathurst dies
2010 I See By My ConFusion held
2011 This ConFusion Is Not Yet Rated held
Rusty Hevelin dies
2012 Ben Singer dies
Epic Confusion held
SFRA Conference held in Detroit
2013 Detroit in 2014 Nasfic bid wins at LSC3 beating Phoenix in 2014
Larry Tucker dies
Immortal ConFusion held
Mythcon 44 held in East Lansing
2014 Detcon1 (Nasfic) held
Legendary ConFusion held
2015 ConClave 39 held
Back to the ConFusion held
2016 Fred Prophet dies
Conclave 40 held
Life, the Universe, and ConFusion held
2017 The Continuum held

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