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Detention was the 1959 Worldcon in Detroit held September 4-7 at the Pick-Fort Shelby Hotel. GoH: Poul Anderson. FGoH: John Berry who was brought to North America by a special John Berry Fan Fund. Isaac Asimov had been listed as the Toastmaster in all promotional material prior to the convention. At the convention the program book added "…with the assistance of Robert Bloch" who acted as Asimov's foil at the banquet. Chaired by Roger Sims and Fred Prophet.

The committee list:

1959 Hugo results, 1960 Site Selection results
Rules for the Detention Business Meeting

Bidders: Detroit in '59, Big 'D' in '59, Chicago:1959. See 1959 Site Selection results.

The convention had trouble getting a Pro Guest of Honor. Fred Brown was the committee's original choice but he requested time to see if his health would improve. By late spring they were getting desperate. Howard DeVore suggested that since he and Karen were in SAPS, maybe he could get to Poul (still quite a new pro) through her. The committee agreed. Howard called Karen who put Poul on. When asked to be Pro Guest of Honor, he asked asked how soon they needed an answer and DeVore said he'd like to wait on the phone while he decided — Poul accepted a moment later. Because of the convention's tight funds, he got a free room and two banquet tickets.

During 1958 there was a war between two groups over the first WSFS, Inc. Both groups asked for Detroit in '59s support. The bid issued a statement that they would not duck the issue, that they were studying it and would eventually issue an opinion. But not until both groups stated their support for Detroit in '59.

Read Sam Moskowitz' reminiscence from the Noreascon Three PB.

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