Decker Dillies

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from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
(More formally the Literature, Science, and Hobbies Club of Decker, Indiana). Some Mannings, Maurice Paul, and others, who maintained a startling level of fanac in their small community with their own clubhouse, files of fanzines, ktp. They published the first fanzine to feature multicolor mimeo work (previously only hekto had been used for polychrome stuff) Pluto, which had as many as five colors at times.
from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
A group in Decker Indiana, made up of some Mannings, Maurice Paul, and others. They had a club shack, published the pioneer multi-color mimeoed fanzine, Pluto.

The full membership of the club consisted of Marvis Manning (a pilot), Vincent Manning (a radio ham), William Sisson (a stamp collector), Maurice Paul (a hectographer), and Claude E. Davis, Jr. (an amateur scientist). The club had begun as the Literature, Science, and Hobbies Club in a village in rural Indiana before any of the members discovered fandom and they had already built a two-room cabin as their clubhouse and furnished with laboratory equipment and a skeleton named Oscar (which its members later brought with them to Chicon I.)

Somehow they discovered fandom and bust on the scene with first, hectoed, issue of Pluto in the Spring of 1940. It was published five times between its launch in April 1940 and its demise in January 1941. The second issue was stunning, having been done in 3-color mimeo and included the first fannish article on the zapgun.

The club disbanded due to marriage and military service, although when Dale Tarr visited in 1963, the Dillies returned a book he had loaned to them at Chicon. After they gafiated, Larry Farsaci acquired their fanzine collection for the cost of transport.

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