Dean A. Grennell

(November 1, 1923–April 10, 2004)

He was an active science fiction fan, sometimes called dag and the "good man", who edited the fanzines Grue and La Banshee and was a member of Wisconsin Fandom and ran the Eastercon-DAG and the first Wiscon. He owned the automobile Jazzy-Belle, had Mafia Press as his publishing house and was a partner in Tentacles Across the Sea. He attened Illwiscon.

He grew up in rural Wisconsin and was in the Army Air Corps during World War II. In the 1950s he became active in fandom. He was married to Jean Grennell. His best-known fanzine was Grue, begun in 1953. The title Grue ("The Fan's Magazine") was a play on words for a popular men's magazine True, "The Man's Magazine". He also published La Banshee, Filler, Qabal, and The Fond Du Lac Occaisional Zwilnick. He was one of the publishers of Toto.

Grennell coined a number of fannish neologisms, including croggle and grotch and helped popularize faunch. He is responsible for Crottled Greeps/

In mundane life, Grennell was an authority on firearms, who authored many books on the subject , as well as being managing editor of Gun World magazine.

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