de la Ree

A small press run by Gerry de la Ree which published art books.

  • 1973 — Grotesques and Fantastiques by Clark Ashton Smith
  • 1974 — Klarkash-ton and Monstro Ligriv, Bok - A Tribute to the Late Fantasy Artists, Hannes Bok, on the 60th Anniversary of His Birth and 10th Anniversary of His Death, Fantasy Collector's Annual — 1974
  • 1975 — Clark Ashton Smith - Poet, The Occult Lovecraft, Fantasy Collector's Annual — 1975
  • 1976 — A Hannes Bok Sketchbook, The Book of Virgil Finlay
  • 1977 — Edd Cartier: The Known and the Unknown
  • 1978 — Art of the Fantastic, Beauty and the Beasts: The Art of Hannes Bok, The Second Book of Virgil Finlay
  • 1979 — The Third Book of Virgil Finlay, The Fourth Book of Virgil Finlay, The Fifth Book of Virgil Finlay
  • 1980 — The Sixth Book of Virgil Finlay: The Astrology Years
  • 1981 — The Seventh Book of Virgil Finlay — Virgil Finlay Remembered
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