Darroll Pardoe

(1943 —)

W. Darroll Pardoe was a UK SF fan married to fellow fan Rosemary Pardoe. He was a member of the Young Science Fiction Reading Group, the BSFA, the Stourbridge Circle, and of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group. He was active primarily in the 60s and 70s.

He published Arthur Rose Weir -- Memorial Anthology, Just Another Dream Going By, Meet on the Ledge, Pablo (for OMPA), and Pig on the Wall and Stulticiae Laus. He took over the editorship of the fanzine Checkpoint from #47, April 1974, changing the format to a single sheet of offset-printed quarto, folded to give 4pp. He also published some issues of Les Spinge, one issue of Dark Horizons and one of Vector.

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