Cyber Noodle Soup

A fanzine by Patrick Clark. On, he says that it "ran for 14 issues between 1995 and 2000. It was an occasional zine typically about two pages per issue and concerned with cyberpunk in general. There was a lot of William Gibson and Paul Di Filippo within its fourteen issues. Originally mailed a small number of friends, Jean Heriot offered to put it up on her homepage and so became more widely available. At that point it became my first e-zine, somewhat late in the day considering its subject matter. Jerry Denny (aka “jael”) began contributing in later issues and eventually wrote most of the material. Issue #15, produced in November 2011, was originally called “Cyberpunk News” and was a one-shot sent to a few friends. Since the subject matter is similar to my now-defunct old e-zine I thought I’d slap the Cyber Noodle Soup label on it and call it #15. " (IA) Copies at EFanzines

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