Corflu 34

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Corflu 34 was a convention held April 28-30, 2017 at the Warner Center Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills, CA (Los Angeles.) The Corflu Fifty guest was Pete Young. Randy Byers was Corflu GoH.

It was chaired by Marty Cantor. Pete Young was selected Past President of fwa. Milt Stevens did the Program and also contributed over $1000 to balance the con's budget.

The 2017 FAAN Awards were awarded:
Best Genzine (tie): Banana Wings
Best Personal Zine: The White Notebooks
Best Special Publication: Then by Rob Hansen
Best Fan Website:, managed by Bill Burns
Best Fan Writer: Andy Hooper
Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles
Best Letterhack (The Harry Warner, Jr. Memorial Award for Best Fan Correspondent): Paul Skelton
Best Fanzine Cover: Beam 10 by Harry Bell
Special No Award Award: To Marty Cantor (editor of No Award
(The Number One Fan Face category was not awarded this year. The Lifetime Achievement Award was also not presented in 2017, but will resume next year.)

See 2017 FAAN Awards for full details.

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