Corflu 26

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Corflu 26, also known as Corflu Zed, was held March 13 - 15, 2009 at the Hotel Deca in Seattle. The CGoH was Elinor Busby and the Corflu Fifty guest was Curt Phillips. The Past President of the fwa was Andy Hooper.

The 2009 FAAN Awards were presented on March 15 by Administrator Hal O'Brien.

Committee: Randy Byers, Ulrika O'Brien, Andy Hooper, Denys Howard, Claire Brialey, Suzanne Tompkins, Marci Malinowycz, Jack Bell, Jerry Kaufman, Luke McGuff, Hal O'Brien, Tracy Benton. Its PR was AmaZed and CorfluZed. Dan Steffan created the t-shirt art. (IA) Website

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