(1) A Sacred Liquid

Corflu is a scientificombination for correction fluid, a liquid used to cover up typos on mimeo stencils just prior to inserting newer errors. One famous brand was Obliterine (which see for details on its use).

In The Enchanted Duplicator, the Spirit of Fandom gives a bottle to Jophan, telling him, "Here is a bottle of a magic liquid called Correcting Fluid. A touch of this will instantly heal any wound made by a typo."

(2) A Convention

An annual gathering of fanzine fans, founded by Lucy Huntzinger, Allyn Cadogan and Shay Barsabe in 1984. It is usually in the spring. The con's location is decided via a bid process.

While there is a program, relaxed conversation is the main attraction. Things are not taken seriously, for example, the guest of honour's name is drawn from a hat. The annual FAAN Awards are presented at Corflu.

See the Corflu history page by Tracy Benton for more history and facts about each Corflu.


Convention Location & Date Nickname Notes
Corflu 1 Berkeley 1984
Corflu 2 Napa, CA 1985
Corflu 3 Tysons Corner, VA 1986
Corflu 4 Cincinnati 1987
Corflu 5 Seattle 1988
Corflu 6 Minneapolis 1989
Corflu 7 New York 1990
Corflu 8 El Paso, TX 1991 Corflu Ocho
Corflu 9 L.A. 1992
Corflu 10 Madison, WI 1993
Corflu 11 Crystal City, VA 1994 Corflu Nova
Corflu 12 Las Vegas 1995 Corflu Vegas
Corflu 13 Nashville, TN 1996 Corflu Nashville
Corflu 14 Walnut Creek, CA 1997 Corflu Wave
Corflu 15 Leeds, UK 1998 Corflu UK
Corflu 16 Panama City, FL 1999 Corflu Sunsplash
Corflu 17 Seattle 2000 Corflatch Held jointly with Potlatch 9
Corflu 18 Boston 2001 Corflu in New England
Corflu 19 Annapolis, MD 2002 Corflu Valentine
Corflu 20 Madison, WI 2003 Corflu Badger
Corflu 21 Las Vegas 2004 Corflu Blackjack
Corflu 22 San Francisco 2005 Corflu Titanium
Corflu 23 Toronto 2006 Corflu Toronto
Corflu 24 Austin, TX 2007 Corflu Quire
Corflu 25 Las Vegas 2008 Corflu Silver
Corflu 26 Seattle 2009 Zed
Corflu 27 Winchester, UK 2010 Corflu Cobalt
Corflu 28 Sunnyvale, CA 2011 E Corflu Vitus
Corflu 29 Las Vegas 2012 Corflu Glitter
Corflu 30 Portland, OR 2013 Corflu XXX
Corflu 31 Richmond, VA Cor31u
Corflu 32 Newcastle, UK Tynecon 3 -- The Corflu
Corflu 33 Chicago, IL Corflu Chiflu
Corflu 34 LA, CA
Corflu 35 Toronto

Contributions: Joe Siclari, Jim Caughran