(1) A Fanzine by Bob Pavlat

A fanzine published by Bob Pavlat in the 50s with at least 11 issues. It also appeared in OMPA and FAPA.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 April 1950 10 In FAPA 51
2 July 1950 12 In FAPA 52
3 Fall 1950
4 Winter 1951
5 Spring 1951
6 Fall 1953 14
7 February 1956
9 February 1956
10 August 1956 22 in OMPA 9
11 1957 14 in OMPA 13

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(2) A New Zealand Natcon

ConTour was the 25th New Zealand NatCon 25 which was held April 9 - 12, 2004 in Rotorua, NZ. The GoHs were Gregory Benford and (fan) Ross Temple.

EmotiCon«« »»iCon

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