ConTact (convention)

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A convention in Evansville, IN which was sponsored by the Evansville Science Fiction Association from 1985 to 1998.

Bill Breuer served as more-or-less permanent Special Science Guest.

Convention Date GoHs
ConTact 85 November 1985 Michael Kube-McDowell
ConTact 5 October 16-18, 1987 Pat Price, Rickey Sheppard
ConTact 6 October 14-16, 1988 Mike Resnick, Steve Francis, Sue Francis, Dan Alldredge
ConTact X September 25-27, 1992 Kim Mohan, Judy Eudaly, Jay Tummelson
ConTact XI September 24-26, 1993 Missouri Smith
ConTact 12 October 14-16, 1994 Bill Breuer, Ray Van Tilburg, Beth Willinger, Rom Prusa
ConTact 16 September 25-27, 1998 Frederick Pohl, Laura Reynolds

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