(1) A Magic Wand from The Enchanted Duplicator

Contact is the name of the first magic wand with which the Spirit of Fandom anoints Jophan in The Enchanted Duplicator, so that he embarks on his trip to Trufandom. Thus, it stands for any fan's first magical moment of connection with fandom.

(2) A Fanzine by Dick and Leah Smith

Spirits of Things Past No. 4: The CONTACT Fanthology, a sparkling (literally) 100-page fanzine, produced by Dick and Leah Smith for ditto 14/FanHistoriCon 11 in 2001, featuring contributions from 72 fans telling the stories of how they found their way to fandom.

Complete contributors list: Forry Ackerman, Harry Andrushak, Judy Bemis, Sheryl Birkhead, Alexander J.L. Bouchard, David Bratman, Cuyler Warnell "Ned" Brooks, Linda Bushyager, Jack L. Chalker, Cy Chauvin, Howard DeVore, Phyllis Eisenstein, Tom Feller, George Flynn, John Foyster, Steve Francis, Sue Francis, Lisa C. Freitag, Beverly Friend, Gordon Garb, Deb Geisler, Janice Gelb, Mike Glicksohn, Mike Glyer, Rob Jackson, Terry Jeeves, Mary Kay Kare, Morris M. Keesan, Earl Kemp, Dave Langford, Roy Lavender, Hope Leibowitz, Eric Lindsay, Rich & Nicki Lynch, Race Mathews, Craig Miller, Murray Moore, Jodie Offutt, Mark Olson, Priscilla Olson, Tony Parker, Bruce Pelz, Andrew I. Porter, Sarah S. Prince, Tullio Proni, Mike Resnick, Yvonne Rousseau, Jim Schumacher, Pat Sims, Roger Sims, Jon Singer, Dick Smith, Leah Zeldes Smith, David "Lensman" Sooby, Jack Speer, Dick Spelman, Jon Stopa, David Thayer, Cheryl "SherryT" Thompson, Gregg Trend, Bob Tucker, R. Laurraine Tutihasi, Tom Veal, William R. Warren, T.K.F. Weisskopf, Jerry Weist, Henry Welch, Peter Weston, Tom Whitmore, Art Widner and Joel Zakem.

(3) Fanzine by Ron Bennett et al

A newszine published by Ron Bennett, Jan Jansen, John Hitchcock and Ellin Mills.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 October 1956 6
2 November 1956 6
3 November 1956 8
4 December 1956 6
5 December 1956 6
6 January 1957 6
7 January 1957 6
8 February 1957 10
9 July 1957 4
9.5 October 1957 4 Final issue

(4) Fanzine by Ted Pauls

A fanzine published by Ted Pauls for the Philadelphia in 1977 Worldcon bid committee.

Issue Date Pages Notes
2 February 1973
4 April 1973

(5) A Convention in Evansville, IN.

See ConTact (Convention).

(6) A Convention in Australia

See Contact2016.

(7) A Fanzine by Graham Poole

This was the name used for issue #1 only of Graham Poole's SF Contact, which see.

(8) A series of 29 semi-academic conventions in the Bay Area on SETI and Alien Designing.

Convention website

Also see: First Contact.

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