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(Did you mean the New Zealand convention, Nebraska convention, Huntsville convention or Vancouver convention convention or a clubzine?)

The 1983 Worldcon and third in the Baltimore/Washington area, ConStellation (also known as Connie) was held September 1-5 at the Baltimore Convention Centre in Baltimore, MD. GoH: John Brunner, FGoH: David A. Kyle. Jack L. Chalker was Toastmaster. Chairman: Michael Walsh.

Constellation went bankrupt, and this is discussed in detail at Constellation bankruptcy.

The convention newsletter was Scuttlebutt edited by Mike Glyer. The Longship Company, part of Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia had a replica Viking longship, the Fyrdracca in Baltimore harbor all weekend, and even pulled alongside the crippled meet-the-pros cruise to offer a ride.

Special memories from Connie include the steam-bath temperatures and humidity in the convention center during set-up (it charged for air conditioning, and the committee had not paid for it for the start of setup. Another is the Crab Feast/Hugo Banquet which showed the error of giving 500 fans mallets (for opening crabs) and then not serving them fast enough…

See 1983 Hugo Results, 1985 Site Selection results, 1985 NASFiC Site Selection results.

Competing bids: Baltimore in '83, Australia in '83, WorldCon Scandinavia in 1983. See 1983 Site Selection results for full details.

Read Lloyd Arthur Eshbach's ConStellation reminiscence.
Mike Glyer and Marjii Ellers wrote long con reports in File 770 #44 p3.

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