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The 1993 Worldcon, and fourth in the Bay Area, ConFrancisco was held September 2-6 at the Moscone Convention Center, ANA Hotel, Parc Fifty Five, and the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco. GoHs: Larry Niven and Alicia Austin. Mark Twain (Dead GoH) FGoHs: Tom Digby and Jan Howard Finder. Chaired by David W. Clark.

The Guests of Honor were designated as "Honored Guests" and the Toastmaster, Guy Gavriel Kay, was called the "Master of Ceremonies". Mark Twain was "channeled" by Jon deCles.

During the bid, the San Francisco Marriott had been designated the headquarters hotel, but the committee was unable to complete a contract with it so it was not used even for sleeping rooms during the convention, and the Parc Fifty Five became the headquarters hotel. The convention was also expanded from four days to five after winning.

David Clark replaced Terry Biffel as Chairman upon Biffel's death.

The convention marked the high point ever for Longest Registration Line, beating out the previous record set by L.A.con II. It stretched through the lobby, out the door, down the block, around the corner, and down that block. Once registered, there was a separate publications line to stand in. (All indoors.)

Bidders: San Francisco in '93, Hawaii in '93, Phoenix in '93. See 1993 Site Selection results for details.

Hear ConFrancisco chair David Clark and ConJose co-chair Kevin Standlee recount the bids and conventions along with Warren Buff and Lisa Hayes at Baycon 2014: Bay Area Worldcon Reminiscences.

1993 Hugo Results, 1996 Site Selection results.

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