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Regional convention held in Canberra, A.C.T., Australia since 2004. It is run by Conflux Incorporated.

The E. G. Harvey Award for Australia SF Art is presented at Conflux.

Conflux 3 Virtual Guests

Conflux 3 had guest appearances via videolink from Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury and Lloyd Alexander.

Year Convention Chairs Dates Location Guests
2004 Conflux Donna Maree Hanson 23 - 26 April Rydges Lakeside Gregory Benford, Sean McMullen, Karen Herkes
2005 Conflux 2: Modern Myths and Ancient Legends Donna Maree Hanson 22 - 24 Apr Rydges Lakeside Jennifer Fallon, Terry Dowling, Maxine McArthur, Jackie French, Bob Eggleton
2006 Conflux 3: A Convention of Fantastic Worlds Trevor Stafford 9 - 12 Jun National Museum of Australia Ellen Datlow, Kate Forsyth, Dan Abnett, Steve Jackson, Andy Chambers, Joan D. Vinge, James Frenkel, Sara Douglass, Jackie French, Jason Paulos, Queenie Chan
2007 Conflux 4: Heroes from Near and Afar Nicole R. Murphy 28 Sept - 1 Oct Rydges Lakeside Kevin J. Anderson, Simon Brown, Donna Maree Hanson, Graham Joyce, Rebecca Moesta, Garth Nix, Jonathan Strahan, Kaaron Warren
2008 Conflux 5: Dreaming Karen Herkes 3 - 6 Oct Marque Hotel Liz Gorinsky, Jack Dann, Cat Sparks, Gillian Polack, Mark Shirrefs, and (fan) Bruce Gillespie
2009 Conflux 6: Secrets Karen Herkes 2 - 5 Oct Marque Hotel Emily Rodda, James Minz, Marc McBride
2011 Conflux 7: From Here to There Karen Herkes 30 Sept - 3 Oct Quality Hotel Woden Kim Westwood, Natalie Costa-Bir, Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride
2012 Conflux 8: On the Beach Jane Virgo 29 - 30 Sept Novotel Canberra Keri Arthur, Keith Stevenson
2013 Conflux 9: Steam, Angels, Junk Donna Maree Hanson and Nicole R. Murphy 25 - 28 Apr Rydges Capital Hill Nalo Hopkinson, Marc Gascoigne, Karen Mitchell, Kaaron Warren, and (fan) Rose Mitchell
2014 Conflux 10: Journeys of Discovery Karen Herkes 3 - 6 Oct Rydges Capital Hill Margo Lanagan, Alisa Krasnostein
2015 Conflux 11: Light Karen Herkes and Leife Shallcross 2 - 5 Oct Novotel Canberra Isobelle Carmody, Tehani Wessely
2016 Conflux 12: Red Fire Monkey Karen Herkes and Leife Shallcross 30 Sept - 3 Oct Novotel Canberra Alan Baxter, David Farland, Meri Amber
2017 Conflux 13: Grimm Tales Karen Herkes and Leife Shallcross 29 Sept - 2 Oct Vibe Hotel Ellen Datlow, Angela Slatter, Meri Amber
2018 Conflux 14: The Unconventional Hero Leife Shallcross 29 Sept - 1 Oct Vibe Hotel Ambelin Kwaymullina, Rob Hood, Lee Murray
2019 Conflux 15: What Lies Beneath… Alistair Ott 5 - 7 Oct Gungahlin Library Thoraiya Dyer, John Scalzi, Les Petersen {$files} . 2004 .

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